Pre-cop Summit


The Pre-COP Africa Summit is a global alliance of climate advocates across Africa and the African diaspora. The goal is to celebrate the resilience, culture, and energy of people of African descent while addressing the impacts of climate change on the continent. This initiative aims to ensure African communities have the knowledge, resources, and opportunities to effectively combat climate change. It provides a platform for youth climate leaders, artists, entertainers, and stakeholders to strategize and inform plans to reduce the effects of climate change. 


The Pre-COP Summit brings together experts, youth leaders, and stakeholders to discuss climate action, highlight local climate solutions, and mobilize support for projects. It also amplifies the voices of African communities and promotes their interests in the global climate dialogue.

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Meet the organizers

A man in an african print shirt.

Cheikhou Thiome

A man in a suit and tie smiling.

Dr. Myron Williams

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Saustine Lusanzu

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Hussein Kassim

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Illai Kenney