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Felicia M. Davis

HBCU Green Fund
  • Staunch advocate for measurable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Co-founder of the HBCU Green Fund in 2016. An extensive network of faculty, professionals, and student climate, energy, and environmental justice advocates.
  • Co-lead for the HBCU Geosciences Working Group Board member of Green 2.0, Chattahoochee Riverkeepers, National Coalition on Black Civic Participation, and Convener of the Clayton County Black Women's Roundtable
  • Co-chair for the National Technical Association 91st and 92nd Annual Conferences Environmental Leadership Program Senior Fellow, IGEL Fellow, and Intentional Endowments Network Steering Committee Member
  • Author of the Air of Injustice Report, MSI Green Report, and the 2014 HBCU Green Report

Illai Kenney

HBCU Green Fund
Managing Director

  • Environmental and social justice youth activist
  • Co-founder of Georgia Kids Against Pollution at the age of 12.
  • Brower Youth Award winner for environmental leadership
  • Challenged Coca-Cola over water practices in India
  • Addressed the United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development in South Africa
  • Activist during the Ferguson, M.O. marches for Black Lives Matter
  • Organizer with Black Youth Vote and Green Ambassador with the Toyota Green Initiative and Green for All
  • Volunteered with Hearts for Africa in Malawi and participated in sustainable development projects in Ghana
  • Worked in Howard University's Office of Sustainability and inspired the establishment of the HBCU Green Fund
  • Dedicated to ushering in a green future for HBCUs and the Black community