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Brief info

The National Technical Association (NTA) is the oldest African American technical organization in the United States. Since 1925, NTA has developed a remarkable legacy in the areas of education, research, engineering, science and technology for minorities, women, and youth pursuing technical careers. It was incorporated in 1926.

The NTA was created to encourage and inspire women, minorities, and youth to enter and excel in the fields of math, science and technology. It encouraged professional development through conferences, scientific journals and/or competitions. In its over 90-year history, NTA has garnered a diverse membership, crossing all disciplines in science, math, technology, etc., from educators, scientists, doctors and astronauts to award-winning inventors. It was the only minority technical organization until the mid-1970’s. It laid the foundation for the many new minority organizations that would follow in its footsteps. It developed the NTA Journal, the first minority technical publication, to provide the minority technical voice during a time when it was very difficult for African Americans to get their work published.


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